Well 2 nights ago I made this yummy sauce for our meal. I have made it a couple of times before and it is so easy and simple but tastes great and is healthy.

Tahini is made from grinding sesame seeds. You can make your own tahini which I did not do for this sauce but will try after my I finish the jar I have. I used an organic brand that I had on hand from the local grocery store. My tahini was dry roasted and therefore not raw. If you want to use raw tahini look for unhulled sesame seeds on the label. Don't be alarmed when you open the jar and see a large film of oil. Just take a spoon and stir it around before you use it.

For those of you who have never tried it before there are many ways to use tahini. Tahini is full of health benefits including being high in calcium and containing iron, fat protein and fiber. It is most popularly used in hummus. However you can broaden your horizons and use it for smoothies especially banana and chocolate ones. This is also a great way to give it to your children as they won't even be able to tell it is in there. You can use it in your desserts, nut or protein bars. Put it on a flax cracker for added fat and calcium. Or just on it's own as in a spicy or mild sauce.

I made a quick sauce that tasted yummy and lasted 2 days. It would have lasted longer except we ate it all. The sauce included:

Cilantro (I usually go heavy on it as it is my favorite herb)
Namu Shoyu (raw unpasteurized soy sauce) or Soy Sauce(start with a little and then add more if needed
chopped garlic
water(to get your desired consistency)

Adjust to your liking. Whisk together or mix in your blender. This creates a lovely light brown sauce that can be put over any grain dish. It has an earthy taste. If you like things more spicy add in some chili powder. If you are making a raw version you could put this over some veggies or make a larger amount and put it over an Asian style coleslaw. Yum.

A Must Read

So I was just checking my blog roll and came across this post over at Health Sleuth which is pretty disturbing. Disturbing if you believe that we should be eating organic, non GMO Foods. Disturbing if you visit a lot of large health food stores and now learn that they are joining up with the exact companies that the public wants to stay away from, Monsanto.!!

It is a long read but if you have the time and want to know what is happening to the food we eat, have a peak.

Let's get started.

My husband and I sometimes have a bit of a challenge in the health department. We are often very busy taking care of my family which includes our daughter and our son with special needs. So our challenge is how do we achieve our healthiest self in the middle of the chaos that is often called "Our Life". I think part of the solution is to be persistent and to be knowledgeable about how things such as food, stress, sleep, exercise can effect our life. We have decided again to embark on a journey of health and happiness but this time we are going to blog about it. I am no stranger to blogging as I have been blogging about our son's journey for over a year now. So here we go again with just a little bit of a different focus.

I have previously started blogging on here as you can see many months ago. That time was not the greatest to start this blog. However now as I am approaching the middle of my studies in my raw food course by David Wolfe and also in the process of completing 2 other nutrition courses at the Mind Body Institute. Now is as good a time as ever. I am hoping that some people will embark on this journey with me as I learn how to eat better to feel better and reach Blyssful Health!!