Rich, Happy & Hot!

I was able to go to NYC on October 21st for a weekend of fun, inspiration and dancing. Yes lots of dancing. I attended the Marie Forleo's Rich Happy & Hot Live, otherwise know as RRHLive. For those of you that have been following me for a while you may have heard that I took an online business course in the spring called RHH B School and it rocked. This trip was the RHH Live event.

Kris Carr Speaking at RHH Live

This trip hit the amazing barometer on so many levels that it is hard to explain. Let me just say that I took a leap of faith, organized the kiddo's at home with my husband and a few great helpers and headed to the airport. I have never left my 2 children. Partially because life has been a little crazy and also with my son having special needs he needs some constant care. However the event and all the possibilities called to me.

Upon arriving in NYC I was fortunate enough to connect with a friend that I haven't seen in years who just happened to be there for 2 of the days that I was there. We went to a vegetarian restaurant and got fresh juice and smoothies at a local health food store.

The first night at RHHLive featured Josh Pais who shared Committed Impulse with us. We were all barefoot in yoga attire.

It was a beautifully grounded way to start the weekend. Body movement, being present, breathing and much more led to a very special intimate evening among 250+ amazing women and a few men. We were all dressed in yoga gear.

The next two days were jam packed with amazing speakers who came out to inspire, challenge, educate and share their stories with a room full of entrepreneurs.

The speakers totally rocked it and inspired us to live the dreams we want to, create the business that we have been striving for and to be authentic to our true selves. Yes of course they did much more than this, but in reality I have no way to articulate what it felt to be at this event. I remember another woman at the event calling it a business conference, matched with a dance party and a sleepover. A huge SISTERHOOD is what comes to my mind. Whatever way you describe it-it was pure magic. A gift that will keep on giving.

As I sat on the plane home looking through my Rich, Happy & Hot Journal, a handful of business cards from some amazing women and books to help me keep on learning-I just felt so grateful to be present and share in the combined energy of this event.

For those of you that are starting up your own business or are looking for some inspiration and fun, I have listed a lot of the sites below for you to check out. You can sign up for their free newsletters and learn so of the topics below and so much more.

Juicing and detoxing your body.
How to use twitter/FB and blogs effectively
Steps to build your business today
How to deal with fear
How to create online products
Finding what inspires you and so much more
How to dance and get your grove on
How to have fun and passion in your life

Here are a few links!!
Marie Forleo
Kris Carr
Danielle Laporte
Simon Sinek
Laura Roeder
Mama Gena's

Okay so these are not all of the speakers, but definitely enough to get you started and inspired.

I think one of the most amazing gifts of this weekend was connecting with so many beautiful, powerful, inspiring women at the event. Having lunch, going out for dinner and sharing in some karaoke!!!

I had the privilege of connecting with the women behind 2 amazing projects and I can say that they would love your support! So please go check out bodyheart inspiring women to love their bodies.

As well go stop by the Legacy Boutique and see what the lovely Karen is up to with her photography and inspiration.

Oh yes and the foodie stuff will come next post. Let's just say their were lots of vegan/raw options there!

Raw Detox

Detoxing is such a key part of being healthy. Year after year we put strains and stresses on our body in the form of food, environmental toxins, stress, cosmetics and much more. Detoxing allows your body to get rid of this toxic overload and it also gives your body a chance to repair. If your body does not have to work hard at digesting it can turn it's attention to repairing itself and getting rid of toxin.

This month I have been doing detoxing. Now I know there are numerous ways to detox out there. If you walk into any health food store you will see product after product on detoxing. For myself I prefer to focus on detox through my food choices as opposed to some of the herbal products on the market. However there are some great products out there that can help you if that is the route you choose to take.

The interesting thing is that when you enter a detox you will find a lot of practices that you could actually add to your daily routine.

Most detoxes will have most of these components in them.

Increase your water consumption
Eliminate salt and sugars from your diet (including raw sweeteners and dried fruits)
Add exercise into your daily practices-Sweat baby sweat and get the toxins out.
Eat organic fresh fruits and vegetables
Take a break or naps when needed.
Remove oils and fats from your diet
Some include food combining principles
Baths, skin brushing and oil pulling
8 or more hours of sleep
No refined products

I don't know about you, but a lot of these things sounds great to add into your everyday practice such as organic food, 8 hours of sleep, relaxing and reduction or elimination of sugar. Even my daughter got involved in the raw detoxing and relaxing by being a great support.

I actually choose to take bits and pieces from a couple of detoxes and work that into my own plan. For me this was very important. I didn't want to cause stress to my body with the detox. So instead of being rigid with it I created my own plan to fit into my lifestyle. If you are still eating cooked food the Kris Carr detoxes is a great places to find some inspiration. Even if you are eating all raw food it offers some nice affirmations, ideas and structure. The Raw Diva's also has a great information on detoxing too.

I focused on green smoothies, water, fruits and raw meals. No sugar, cacao, dried food and minimal fats. Since I love my raw cacao and raw desserts I thought this would be a challenge for me. As well I do enjoy salt in my meals. However eliminating these was much easier than I thought.

Looking at the emotional detox I personally think is harder than leaving behind some of the food. So having a good emotional plan in place is great. Be prepared to journal, do some meditation and be gentle with yourself on your detox. Do yoga, breathe, take nature walks to nourish your soul.

If you are feeling sluggish, tired, rundown you may want to consider doing a detox in the near future. Have you ever done a detox? What were some of your triumphs and challenges? I would love to hear from you?