Time to Play

Someone told me this morning that I have been working too hard and that I should enjoy a day of play.

Hmmm. Let me think about that for a moment.


Can I just say. Check, CHECK, check, CHECKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

Not really complaining! Life is good. I have been working on some great projects. I have a new website in the works, along with some raw food cooking classes and Health & Raw food coaching. As many of you know I have been studying nutrition and raw food for a while. I am so excited to be putting everything together in some fun ways.

Sometimes it is just important to take a BREAK. I think it is great to stop while you are in the midst of a project and just allow yourself to relax, play and have fun.

So today after dropping my daughter off to school and my son off to preschool for a few hours I took a trip to Chapter's. I had fun checking out the raw food and the vegan sections and also the nutrition area. I ended up picking up a new book and a journal for an upcoming trip.

Then into the kitchen to have some fun playing with food.

My husband and daughter made zucinni and squash noodles.

I used a tomato sauce. This one is from the book RAWvolution by Matt Amsden. This is one of my favourite raw books. I added some shitake mushrooms, fresh basil, black olives and a little bit of kale. Can't forget the kale.

Then I made a cashew/ macadamia nut cheese. I think this one is my best yet.

Cheese Recipe

I cup raw cashews
1/4 cup macadamia nuts
pinch of salt
nutritional yeast

Raw Play= Yum!!

So I am suggesting that you find some time for play, to relax and just have fun with whatever it is that you enjoy. For me it is often food related.

I would love to here what you are going to do to nourish your sense of play?

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Raw Banana Coconut Cream Pie

I was craving something sweet today. I had cashews in the fridge that had already been soaked overnight and drained and just sitting there waiting for me to do something.

If you know me I am kind of crazy in the kitchen. I just get on these whims and throw some of this and that together and see if it works. For my family this worked great today. Either they have been lacking some sweet treats or this hit the spot.

When I ate cooked desserts I never really choose a banana cream pie. I was always and apple pie kind of girl, blueberry girl second. However I thought of this raw Banana Coconut Cream Pie.

Simple Yummy Crust:

2 cups of macadamia nuts
4 tbs of ground flax seed
10 Pitted dates

Put nuts in the food processor and grind until fine. Start adding dates and process until a ball starts to form. Add 2 tbs of ground flax seed and gently pulse into mixture. Scrape out the mixture and place in a spring form pan or tart tins. You can sprinkle the bottom if needed.

Press mixture into a pie crust formation. I use a bottle to help smooth it down. However you can also just use your hands. (see all my bottle marks-just smooth that out with your hands)

Pie Filling Ingredients:

I cup of processed raw cashews that have been soaked overnight
1 cup coconut water
2 Frozen or fresh bananas
2 tbs of agave
pinch of sea salt
2.5 tbs of extra virgin coconut oil
nutmeg to taste ( I went a bit heavier on the nutmeg)

Flavoured stevia is a nice addition to this recipe. I used a little bit of hazelnut Stevia in the crust. You can make any flavour combo that you want. Cacao banana would be great and you could do this by adding cacao powder to the crust layer.

Blend the cashews in the food processor and make sure to use 1 cup blended. Then add in the coconut water and oil. Proceed to add in the bananas. Then lastly add in salt, agave and nutmeg. Pour into pie crust.

Decorate with sliced bananas and grated nutmeg. Add sprinkle of cacao nibs for a nice crunch. Put in freezer for about an hour or until you are ready to serve. This is a light and fluffy texture so I enjoyed it not frozen and at room temperature.

This is my daughters which she devoured= happy mama

This is my husbands with more bananas, creams, and nibs! Let's just call it LAYERED

As always have fun in the kitchen and ENJOY your healthy treats! Make sure to jump on over and LIKE my facebook page.

Summer Fun, Road Trips and Raw Eats!

The summer has been really fun and it has also flown by so quickly. As I am starting to get the house and children ready for school I can't help reflect on the summer. I am really proud that as a family we ate pretty good. Raw food and lots of coolers were packed with yummy treats and eats on all of our trips. I think "road trips" are going to be a big part of our future. Here is a little recap of our adventures. A trip to several beaches, a whirlwind tour of Niagara Falls, lots of indoor parks and many fun car rides. Chance to go to Blue Mountain and relax in the natural springs. Listened to David Wolfe in Barrie and went on a car ride to collect some SPRING WATER. If you have never tried it you don't know what you are missing. Coolers full of raw bars, juices, smoothies and sprouts. Traveling raw was a little bit of a challenge on our first road trip. However I LEARNED my lesson and packed better for the future road trips.

Here are some photos of raw granola, chocolate elixirs that I bought at the David Wolfe event, some raw bread that I also bought and a bottle of spring water that we collected. I also threw in two of my favourite photos of the children having fun. Coolers full of raw bars, juices, smoothies and sprouts. Traveling raw was a little bit of a challenge on our first road trip. However I LEARNED my lesson and packed better for the future road trips. It also helped that the 2nd last day I was able to refuel by shopping at the David Wolfe event in Barrie.