Time to Play

Someone told me this morning that I have been working too hard and that I should enjoy a day of play.

Hmmm. Let me think about that for a moment.


Can I just say. Check, CHECK, check, CHECKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!

Not really complaining! Life is good. I have been working on some great projects. I have a new website in the works, along with some raw food cooking classes and Health & Raw food coaching. As many of you know I have been studying nutrition and raw food for a while. I am so excited to be putting everything together in some fun ways.

Sometimes it is just important to take a BREAK. I think it is great to stop while you are in the midst of a project and just allow yourself to relax, play and have fun.

So today after dropping my daughter off to school and my son off to preschool for a few hours I took a trip to Chapter's. I had fun checking out the raw food and the vegan sections and also the nutrition area. I ended up picking up a new book and a journal for an upcoming trip.

Then into the kitchen to have some fun playing with food.

My husband and daughter made zucinni and squash noodles.

I used a tomato sauce. This one is from the book RAWvolution by Matt Amsden. This is one of my favourite raw books. I added some shitake mushrooms, fresh basil, black olives and a little bit of kale. Can't forget the kale.

Then I made a cashew/ macadamia nut cheese. I think this one is my best yet.

Cheese Recipe

I cup raw cashews
1/4 cup macadamia nuts
pinch of salt
nutritional yeast

Raw Play= Yum!!

So I am suggesting that you find some time for play, to relax and just have fun with whatever it is that you enjoy. For me it is often food related.

I would love to here what you are going to do to nourish your sense of play?

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  1. great post! your noodles looks so scrumptious.

  2. I love raw pasta, I made a great dish just last week! Zucchini noodles are my favourite. I have a spiralizer and it is amazing, highly recommend it to anyone. You can make noodles out of anything. I love carrot as well.

  3. Hi Erin,

    Yes it is fun to use a spiralizer. Michelle and I each bought one a couple of weeks ago and a mandoline too. I will do another post with the the names of the ones that we got. It does a whole bunch of different shapes and sizes. Awesome.

  4. it is so fun to play!!! I love just taking some time and looking/reading through books at my health food store!!! FUN!

  5. Where are you Sasha?? :) Hope everything is well!!!

  6. Hi Samantha,

    Thanks for your comments. I know you love to play in the kitchen too. To bad we didn't live closer. Yes thanks for checking on me. I have a new schedule and still trying to get used to it.:)

  7. Fit and Fabulous Life,

    Thanks for your comments. Let me know if you give it a try.

  8. The pasta looks great and your cheese sounds wonderful!

  9. Hi Amber,

    Thanks for the comments. I am loving cashew cheese these days.


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