Loaded Smoothie

Being a mom of two little children under five can be hectic some days. Okay who am I kidding most days. Then add in two parents who are entrepreneur’s and that takes it up a NOTCH. So one of my favourite things to do is create a “loaded” smoothie.

It means that you can be strategic about what you are choosing to eat and you can “load” up on some key ingredients to give your smoothie an extra nutritional punch! Instead of just a fruit smoothie make it a Super Energy Boosting Smoothie.

Now how does that sound? Just look at this amazing drink and the inspiration for this post. It is loaded with so much good stuff that you just feel great drinking it.

Ingredients: 2 Cups of Water, 1 scoop of raw vanilla protein powder, lecithin, mint greens, cacao nibs, 1 frozen banana, and raw cacao. Vegan DHA oil added at the end and topped with cacao nibs. Yummy.

One of the things that I learned many years ago is that you can take advantage of every opportunity that you have to fuel your body with amazing ingredients. To be honest if you make any kind of smoothie you should give yourself a HUGE PAT on the back, because that is awesome!

Here are some great things that you can consider adding to your smoothie to make it “LOADED”. You don’t need to add all of these at once but you can pick and choose and start to add in some of your favourites.

Here are some of my top options:

Raw/Vegan Protein Powder
Extra Green Powders ( wheat grass, spirulina, blue green algae, raw greens powders)
DHA Oil (I opt for a vegan source of DHA and EPA)
Lecithin (helps emulsify fats and contains some great nutrients for your brain)
Fiber (ground flax seeds and chia seeds are great)

The key is that you want to buy great ingredients with no fillers or artificial ingredients. The great thing is that once you get comfortable making smoothies these ingredients don’t have to mean “awful taste”, on the contrary they can blend really nicely and still taste amazing.

I would love to hear from you. What are some of your special ingredients that you use in your smoothie? I also wanted to let you know that I have been working on a special project-my new website. I have not make the full switch over there yet but it will be soon. So go check it out


  1. This sounds so good and looks so smooth! I usually add sunwarrior, maca (sometimes), ormus greens...flax oil and cacao powder. (plus stevia and some other random things or it tastes really bitter) It packs a punch!

  2. Thanks Lisa,

    We sound like we are on the same page with our smoothies. I really liked adding the lecithin in this one as it made it extra creamy. I love my ormus greens too.

  3. I love how you poured it into a cut mug....I usually drink mine out of a HUGE glass beer mug!!! hahaaha....I found them at a store for like $3 and bought 2 so my hubby and I could drink from them!!
    I love adding in bee pollen and chlorella to my smoothies and also maca and lucuma and almost always cacao!!!!!

  4. Hi Samantha,

    Yes I usually put mine in a big glass to. However this one was so creamy and thick that I felt it was more like a treat. Yes I am loving all of your add in's:) Yummy.


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