Awesome Raw Deal: Only good for today!!!

Hi All

This is a quick post. I am actually heading out of town. However I just got an e-zine from Russel James and he is offering a great deal on his e book collection. He is offering them for $50.00 instead of this regular price of around 90.00. If you are in a tight squeeze for cash and are still interested into getting his 6 book collection, he GRACIOUSLY is offering you another option. Pay what you can.!!!! So please check it out. I think this is so great for those that want to learn about raw food, but can't normally afford to purchase the books and resources needed. Click here. You can find the description of the 6 books on the link. I also posted it on my sidebar.

Sorry for the short post. I am in a rush, but just wanted to share the great deal.


  1. Thanks for sharing this deal! I love Russel James :)

  2. How kind of you to share the info.
    Travel safely!!
    Peace and Raw Health,

  3. awesome! I have all of his, they are great.

  4. Thanks Lisa, Bitt and Elizabeth for your comments.

    I am glad to share, as this was a great deal and a great product.

  5. thanks for sharing. you won the ice cream cake ebook giveaway!=)

  6. Oh yeah!!! I am so excited. My first win and I really wanted this as the cakes look great.


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