Easy Raw Chipolte Taco's

Now that the warm weather is upon us, it is a great time to incorporate raw food into your diet. Raw food is full of nutrients and enzymes. As we age our enzyme stores in our body decrease, so eating raw food is an excellent way to incorporate more enzymes into your diet.

I really love eating fresh foods, straight from the garden. If you don't have space for a garden you can always join a local CSA. They are amazing and they provide you with the opportunity to eat the bounty of food that comes directly from your community. This is also an amazing way to make connections and new friends in your community. I am always amazed at how many new stores, farms and projects that you can learn about just by talking with people.

Speaking of fresh foods. Here is a quick easy raw food wrap that you can make. You can fill it with whatever fresh ingredients you have. I love the simplicity of quick meals as it allows me to spend more time with my family, instead of spending time in the kitchen.

Raw Chipolte Taco's

Process some walnuts in your food processor. You can really make this any flavour that you like. I usually use cumin as the main seasoning for the walnuts. This time I opted for chipolte for a little change. Feel free to add in some onions, garlic and any other seasoning. A sprinkle of tamari works well. Pulse for a few seconds. Please don't pulse to long or all of the oils from the walnuts will come out and it will be rather mushy. The browny red colour is from the chipolte seasoning. If you use cumin, you will get a different shade.

I find walnuts to be the best for the mok taco meat. They are also a source of OMEGA 3 oils so this is an added bonus.

Next step...assemble your tacos.

Find your base. I used romaine lettuce. You could also use any other green leaf that you like. Collards work well too. Then just start layering your taco like you would do a not raw one.

chopped tomatoes
some raw corn
sunflower seed cheese

As always the sky is the limit and you can really bring out your creativity here. Cilantro, chives and other herbs from the garden work well.

Make sure to have fun making your taco's and get your family involved.

You can roll them up or leave them open. Either way they are yummy!

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. YUM! This looks so delicious and I'll definitely be trying it out. Thank you for sharing! xo

  2. So perfect for the hot weather!

  3. Hi Stephenie and Pat,

    Thanks for your comments. I hope you give them a try. I love skipping all of the unhealthy things associated with tacos but like keeping the good.

  4. Anne,

    You are so correct, when it get's warm this is a nice refreshing option and very family friendly.

  5. those photos are so inspiring! raw tacos are one of my favorites.=)

  6. Hi Sasha! Ole! :-) Those tacos look so refreshing, light, satisfying and D-E-L-I-C-I-O-U-S!!! Great for summer time. I'm always looking for a quick, easy and nutritious alternative to salad - and BAM, you delivered! Thanks for sharing. :-)

  7. Thanks Kelli,

    I am getting used to a new camera! Glad you feel inspired. Yeah!

  8. Hi JodyLynn,

    Love your response to these tacos! You are so right that in summer it is a great time to have nice light meals. Thanks for stopping by, especially since I know you were you are!! Hugs.

  9. These look great! I totally agree that walnuts are the best "meat!"

  10. I have wanted to try making these but my son is so allergic to walnuts we can't bring them into the house!!! :(

  11. Hi Rawkinmom,

    How about changing the profile a little bit and making the meat out of pumpkin seeds. You could do the same flavour or make it more like a falafel with garlic and parsley? Let me know if that would work for you?:)

  12. This looks so good !! I'll have to try. Thanks for sharing :)

  13. My raw food journal,

    Welcome and thanks for your comments. Look forward to seeing how you like them.

  14. I'll have to prepare this recipe when I arrive at home, because even I don't like tacos I must admit this recipe was able to call my attention, and I started to feel hungry, and now it became in my food craving.

  15. Glad you find it appetizing. If is an easy to make and full of taste.:)


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