Summer Eats

Here are a few pictures of some dishes that I made last week. I have been on a cacao fix lately so I have been experimenting with some new recipes.

My two little ones are just getting over a cold, so this weekend has been pretty hectic and busy. It just so happened that my husband had to work some very long days over the weekend. On a regular night I am usually up pretty late watching my son who has special needs. When he gets a little cold, it makes his sleeping even more compromised so my husband and I were up a lot later. Both children are fine now, but needless to say that my husband and I are recovering from very little sleep this weekend after pulling some late nights. If you haven't had a chance to meet my son you can find more about him on my other blog.

So I will leave you with some photo's of some summer eats that I made the week before

Raw Chocolate Crackers made with hemp and flax seeds. Lovely on their own, but even better with fresh strawberries!

Homemade Raw Cereal made with pumpkin seeds, almonds with fresh raspberries and blueberries. You know I love my fresh homemade granola. You know exactly what you are eating, not like a lot of boxed cereals.

Garden salad with some fresh chives and lettuce from our backyard. This made for one great green salad.

That is all for now. I hope you enjoy !


  1. I'm glad your kiddos are son has asthma and one night I was so worried about him I stayed up all night listening to him breathe to make sure he was okay...I just brought my laptop in his room and put a mattress on the floor and tried my hardest to stay awake....I was exhausted the next day!!!! Get some sleep!!!

  2. Hi Rawkinmom,

    Thank you. Yes they are doing better. OMG you totally just described my nights. I do shifts with my hubby and we do watch my son at night because he has some breathing issues. My shift is 8pm to 3-4am. So that is when I am blogging.:)

    Actually one of the reasons I eat well is to help support my body the best way that I can. Hope your son's asthma is better now.:)

  3. The food looks great---I'm slightly obsessed with cacao, and I could definitely picture indulging on the crackers with strawberries :)

  4. Hi Lisa,

    Well let me say that if you are going to have any might as well be cacao:)


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