Cacao Smoothie & Hazelnut Cupcakes

Hope you are having a great day! First I would like to share this beautiful photo that my professional photographer took this week. Pretty good protege? Only 5 years old.

Check out my guest post on Crazy Sexy Life today on raw food strategies for your family. Here is a healthy cooked recipe that was featured as recipe of the week.

I am sure you are all wondering why I have been on this hazelnut kick lately. To tell you the truth, I found this amazingly huge bag of raw hazelnuts, that I rarely ever see. It has led me to some creative time in the kitchen. So I thought I would share a few photos. I actually made these a little while ago but forgot to share them.

My daughter and I made these together. She loves to get in the kitchen and get messy.

Next I want to share this quick smoothie. You could add many other things to this if you wanted to. The sky is the limit. You could also add ice to make it cold and frothy.


Frozen Banana
Almond Milk
Touch of Maca-optional
Vanilla Powder
1 scoop sunwarrior vanilla protein
Cacao Powder
Bambu Alternative Coffee Mix

Blend together in the vitamix and ENJOY on a nice hot summer day!! This is definitely a guilt free treat.

Stay tuned for a new contest coming your way in a couple of weeks. You won't want to miss this one!!


  1. Looks yummy and I love the photos! Tell me about Bambu Alternative Coffee Mix.

  2. gorgeous flower shot! and the treats look really good. xoxo

  3. Thanks Sue Ann,

    I use bambu alternative that is made out of chicory, barley, figs, acorns. It is not raw but is a great way to get a coffee flavour. I know that you can also use a dandelion coffee blend that taste good as well. It is great because they just give you the flavour.

  4. Thanks Kelli,

    I don't have many flowers, but this one is a special one to me. It was from my mother's house and she planted it at my house the year before she passed away. So it reminds me of her.

  5. My little lady and I like to get messy in the kitchen, too. Such fun. We were planning on making some more raw cupcakes soon.

  6. Hi Shannonmarie,

    Sounds great. It sets up such a great example for our children to get right in the kitchen and make healthy food. I always love your pictures of you and your daughter in the kitchen:)

  7. okay, those cupcakes look amazing!!! YUM!! AND what is Bambu alternative coffee mix??

  8. I just saw your post on crazysexylife! That's AWESOME, way to go!
    I <3 hazelnuts, especially with chocolate. Those cupcakes look incredible.

  9. Hi Samantha,

    Thanks. The cupcakes and the cookies (ice cream sandwich) are very similar in flavour profile. Yummy. The bambu you can find at your local health food store. It tastes like coffee, but is made out of chicory and figs. I love itl

  10. Hi Amber,

    Great that you saw the post on crazysexylife. I have been going cacao hazelnut crazy these days. It is so yummy.

  11. One word, Sasha ... A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Well, maybe two ... INSPIRING! Loved your CSL post. You, go! Love this post, as well. I think I'll mosey into the kitchen and make a mess, myself. You had me at the Hazelnut Cupcakes! And the smoothie looks to be a good chaser! :-) Yummy! Thanks for sharing your awesomeness and inspiration with us! Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Hi JodyLynn

    Thank you so much. Look who is calling who awesome.(right back at ya). I am so glad you like the post on Crazy Sexy Life. These cupcakes were made in a hurry. My daughter likes to copy mommy and just throw things in the mix. Hopefully next time I will jot things down better:)

  13. That flower shot is perfect! Love it!

    WTG on the CSL post. Very nice!

    So is bambu similar to teechino? I've never heard of it but will be on the lookout for it. Sounds great! Love the idea of adding it so a smoothie.

    And how awesome your daughter loves to be in the kitchen. I hope to have many experiences like that with my little guy.

    Love the cupcakes! Love hazelnuts too. :)


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