Corn Avocado Soup and Mexican Crisps

Creamy soft avocado and corn soup! This raw soup is so easy to make. You will wonder why you never tried this or raw food before. I have been eating lots and lots of salads, smoothies and making lots of sprouts in the last couple of days. I wanted to switch things up a bit and add in a nice soup. I also made another smoothie and some little appetizers below.

This corn soup is adapted from The Raw Gourmet. I have had this book for years and although I don't use it that often it has some really great information in it especially for those that are new to raw food.

1 cup of frozen corn
1 avocado
1-2 tbs of chopped red onion
water or plain almond milk
sea salt
crumbled flax crisp
pea sprouts

Blend all of the ingredients in Vitamix. Add pea sprouts and few kernels of corn on the top. I added some flax crackers on top. You can add any type of flax cracker on top. Mine was a nice spicy Mexican Beet Fiesta crisps from Two Girls Cooking, which went really well with the soup. This really took about 5 minutes or less. The left over soup was used as a dressing for my salad the next day.

I used the same Mexican Crisps for this little appetizer below. Very simple but tasty.I like these crisps because they have a good flavor to them and they are definitely not bland. Actually they have a good amount of heat to them. You could used any type of flax cracker.

I just mixed some tomatoes, cilantro(my favorite), red onion and some of the thick creamy corn and avocado soup as a sauce. Yummy.

Lastly I also made another smoothie. This time I made a chocolate raspberry smoothie but added some Chocolate Amazing Grass to it. This is another brand that I like.

This has many different great ingredients in it and is not to costly. It has a great chocolate flavor. I think I am on this raspberry chocolate kick lately. Give me a couple of days and I am sure it will pass...and I will be onto something else. Speaking of something else I am trying to make rejuvelac, which I will report when it is done.

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Ps. Yoga was great!


  1. Yum...that looks really good! I LOVE avocado. And I love love love cilantro too, I could eat it by the handful!

  2. This looks yummy! Two of my favorites are avacado and cilantro! I will definitely try this! I had a smoothie this morning with chocolate Amazing Grass, kale, banana and coconut milk and it was delicious.

  3. yum, looks great! i love cilantro, too.

    chocolate + raspberry = bliss, i mean blyss!=)

  4. I'm going to make the soup this weekend! Your little appetizers look yummy. Looking forward to your rejuvelac post. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Mm, avocado is pretty much my favorite so I'm all over this!

    Also, the Lemon-Lime amazing grass is really good! It has the earthy flavor like the chocolate and greens--but with the extra lemon-lime! :)


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