WOW Cafe & Nut Cheese

Last night I held my first local raw food meet-up and I had a great time. We went to WOW Cafe in Guelph, Ontario. WOW Cafe (Wild Organic Way) is one of my favorite places to eat. My sister and I found WOW Cafe many years ago and that was the spark that got us loving raw food. At the time we were driving around searching for an organic cafe. Little did we know, that it was raw. Isn't it funny how the universe just sends you in the right direction. After our first visit, we fell in love with Raw Food.

I am not showing any photo's because my camera was on the fritz and it just doesn't do their food justice. So instead I will just link to their cafe. I am getting a new camera and therefore I will have an excuse to go back soon and take some photo's and maybe try something new. There menu features a great selection of raw smoothies, juices, meals and desserts. I had a great raw pizza and awesome smoothie. I also picked up some of their yummy crackers and a bag of raw cacao butter.

Today I used some crackers that I bought last night from WOW and they have a great unique flavour probably one of the best I have tried. Not only do they taste great, they are sturdy and I love that in a raw cracker.

I added some avocado to one cracker and some macadamia nut cheese that I made earlier in the week on the others. I also have some cut up cucumbers and a marinated kale salad that I made. This was a great easy meal.

Simple Kale
wash,cut and dry kale leaves
olive oil
sea salt
nutritional yeast
Mix well and let marinade. The longer the better.

Macadamia Nut Cheese
I actually made this for a raw pasta but had some left over. I soaked the nuts overnight and then drained and rinsed them.
Blend all ingredients until smooth. Use for salads, on pasta or on crackers.
raw macadamia nuts.
red pepper
pepper and salt
nutritional yeast

This is the cheese below. It looks slightly orange and spreads nicely on the crackers. I usually use cashews for nut cheese but I had a few macadamia nuts left over and wanted to use them up.

Last night before the meet up my sister and to a local book store. I picked up this book, while my sister picked up 2 vegan cupcake books. I feel a cook off coming up.:)

What do you like to put into your salad? What is your favorite raw food cafe or restaurant? If you are in the local area here, stop by WOW and you will be hooked on raw food...I promise.


  1. Those crackers sure look good - makes me want to make some. Your mac cheese sounds tasty too - looks like the perfect lunch. That'd be fun if you and your sis did do a cookoff of sorts. Post the results. :)

  2. I put everything and anything in my salad! Salad, like smoothies should never be boring! My favorite raw food restaurant is Rawlicious downtwon Toronto, I also love the Live Food Bar also in Toronto. If you guys do a cook off, remember to freeze one sample of each for me and I will judge when I come to visit, which will be soon!

  3. We have a raw food meet up group in my area, but I have never gone....I always think about it...but never make the effort...maybe I should go just for the good food and experience!!!

  4. Thanks Heidi.

    Erin, I am sure we will do a cook off at some point. Michelle (my sister) is going to be setting up her blog soon. That should be fun.

    Rawkinmom you should check out your group. I met a lovely women who came to ours and she had so much knowledge about the raw food movement from when she first started. It was really interesting and fun.

    Thanks for you comments everyone!

  5. I would love to go to a raw cafe like that some time. That would be so neat.

    The nut cheese and crackers sounds great! I hope to get a dehydrator soon so I can make some crackers and bread.

  6. The Macadamia Nut Cheese sounds super good! Theresa


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