Time For Tea: But not your regular tea.

Lot's of exciting things are happening here at Blyssful Health. I am having a contest here this week for a great book, and I started a local Raw Meet up Group. As well there will be some great product reviews, some new information on fermenting coming your way and a new website. So it is pretty busy and exciting.

However as promised I mentioned that I would share about how I make my new tea. As some of you know I am taking David Wolfe's Ultimate Nutrition Course. I am learning so many things. One of the things that I am learning about is tea. I am not talking about a simple tea bag. I am talking about a multi functional tea. I no longer look at teas in the same way. My new saying is "What can my tea do for me?" The answer is a lot. It can nourish me, calm me, feed my body nutrients and help my immune system.

Here are some pictures of my tea experiment.

So below are some herbs that I bought at the health food store.

In a large pot on the stove I added some water(not tap water) and them some Nettle, Horsetail and Oat straw. I also added a handful of Goji Berries and some Vanilla Powder. The Vanilla gives it a nice flavor and the Goji berries are so good for you and help round out the flavour. I let it simmer but never boil.

Next strain the mixture and use right away our put some in jars for later use as a tea or as a base for my smoothies.

After all of the liquid is drained off the remains look like this. Don't throw this out. You can make a couple more batches of tea with the same herbs and Goji Berries. I took my large batch and put some in the fridge as I could not drink the huge amount I made all at once.

The first batch of tea I made was strong. The first batch is always the strongest. So for me I had to dilute it with some water. The next batch was milder and milder with the third batch.

For me these herbs are important because of their silica content which is good for hair, nail and skin. Many herbs these days have several different functions so it is good to do some research on what herbs you are using. Lastly I added some Reishi mushroom powder to my tea as that was the only mushroom that I had on hand.

A few days late I went out and bought these. No that is not BACON, it's Reishi mushroom slices that I will steep with my next batch of tea. I am learning about mushrooms and their medicinal qualities, I definitely want these in my tea.

It took me a couple of cups to get into it. Now I am more used to it and I actually love the Goji berries in the tea. Especially since I now know how good there are for you.

Hope you enjoyed this and now look at your tea differently. While you are sipping your tea...here are a few quotes for you to think about.

Whatever your mind can conceive and can believe, it can achieve.
Napoleon hill

The power of intention is the power to manifest, to create, to live a life of unlimited abundance, and to attract into your life the right people at the right moments.
Wayne Dyer Quote

All that we are is the result of what we have thought.


  1. Hi Sasha! You have piqued my interest about these teas! Very interesting. And congrats on your new meetup group...wish I lived closer. :-)

  2. I love natural, non bagged teas too. I am usually going in Internac. store which has mostly influence of Asia, so talk about teas..so many at one spot! after my aunt explained to me about teas like you said I never look at them just as a comfort, but to use it for medical reason. Great post Sasha..

  3. Wow, how absolutely wonderful! Your post was so interesting...I've never tried making my own tea before. Thank you for sharing, Sasha!



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