Raw chips and Rejuvelac

I have been all over the place these days with choosing what raw food to make. I want to try so many new recipes and I am finding out that some turn out well and other's not so well. Over the years I have collected quite a few raw food books and I also take some out of the library. No matter what the books say my critics are my family. They tell me what they think. My daughter is my biggest critic. She will tell me if it is a "keeper" or if it is a "flop". She doesn't use these words exactly but her expressions and actions say it all. I am lucky that my husband likes and tries everything.

Overall I am having a lot of fun with raw food. My goal is really to maximize my food choices and therefore increase my nutrient consumption and energy levels. Really who doesn't want more energy these days? I also want my family to enjoy more raw foods. For our meals I try to make a raw version and a cooked version that work along the same theme. So if I am making a raw pad Thai, I will also make a cooked version. For times when that doesn't work I put together my own little sampling of raw foods and make my family something else and then give them the option of what they want to eat.

So my keeper was this new recipe for nacho style chips pictured above. It was from a book I took out from the library called Everyday Raw. The base of the nacho chip corn and flax. I did it a little to safe this first time. However was pleasantly surprised that it was so quick and easy. I think if I added some scallions and more seasoning they would be better. I did like how sturdy they were as a chip as well.

My flop was my first attempt at making rejuvelac. I made that about a week and a half ago and let's just say I am not sure about it. I soaked and sprouted wheat berries as shown bellow.

Then I crushed them a little bit just to open the seed and then added water.

And let it ferment....

Well let me tell you, I could sure smell the fermenting. So could my daughter and so could my husband. When your daughter walks into the kitchen and says what's that smell. Mmmm well it doesn't help the situation.

I have had rejuvelac before but it was while I was working at a health food store and it was a product sample. It was good. The book that I got them from said that you will know if the mixture has gone bad. Well not exactly... because it is fermented I had a hard time telling if it worked or not. So I will try it again very soon. I picked up a new batch of wheat berries.

Do you have experience with rejuvelac? Do you like it? How do you make yours? I would love to hear your stories about fermenting. However never fear as I have a new little workshop that I am taking that will be helping me with fermenting! So stay tuned for more information on fermenting soon.


  1. i'll drink kombucha but for some reason rejuvelac turns me off. i've made it before with quinoa and it went well - though it went it to the compost since i never got around to using it in a raw cream cheese recipe. the second time i tried barley and the seeds never sprouted. i would just ferment the strained liquid - my barley seeds got really stinky! looking forward to hearing what you learn at the workshop!

  2. Wow, this is something I truly know nothing about! I have a lot to learn when it comes to raw food, but I find it so intriguing. Hope to hear how your next attempt goes after the workshop.

  3. I have read about using rejuvalac in recipes but I honestly have been scared to use it or make it!!!

  4. Rejuvelac is definitely an acquired taste but SO worth acquiring since it's so healthy for you! It helps to squeeze some lemon juice into it or blending berries into it before drinking.

    You can also flavor it by dropping stuff (berries, lemon, ginger, sliced fruit...) during the fermentation process! It's pretty good ;)

  5. Thank you everyone for all of your comments. I hope to try it again this week. Thanks for sharing your experience with it. I think fermented foods are amazing, I have got it into my head to try to make most of it on my own so it is a learning process. Thanks for being here for the journey and hopefully I can pass some info to you along the way. Oh yes and pick up tips like adding fruit. Never thought of that one.

  6. Hi Sasha! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I am just now starting to incorporate more raw foods into my diet and need all the help and suggestions that I can get. :o)

    I've never heard of rejuvelac, so I had to check it out. I'm not sure if I would like it or not, but I would be willing to give it a try.

    BTW...I love your blog and am adding you to my blog roll.

  7. Thanks so much Michelle. Love that you are adding more raw food into your diet. Hopefully I can help you along the way. As well you will meet some great people here who comment and are also really into raw food.

    Vivian, thanks for the comment, I will be posting some really neat recipes that should get you hooked on raw foods.

  8. I only atempted to make rejuvelac one time years ago. Obviously, it didn't go well. Since I'd never tried it anywhere else, I wasn't sure if I did it right either. I tossed it.

  9. I haven't had or attempted to make rejuvelac. Maybe one of these days...

    I love raw nacho chips though and yours look superb! That's funny your daughter will tell you flop or keeper. hee hee!

  10. Hi Sasha! Have you ever tried Water Kefir? It's made with water kefir grains that feed on sucrose instead of the milk kefir variety that feed on lactose.
    I watched a video by Ani Phyo (youtube) where she makes coconut water kefir and I was sold on the idea!
    I have water kefir grains to sell ($15 for lifetime supply) and they make the most delicious probiotic, slightly carbonated water.
    I prefer the taste over rejuvelac.

  11. Hi Gayal,
    Glad that you came for a visit. I will let you know how the water kefir is and what I think compared to the rejuvelac. Thanks for the grains. So great to purchase them in the city.

  12. Can you buy somewhere? I want to try it, but after reading about your experience making it, I'd rather buy it first, haha!

  13. Hi Anastasia,

    Thanks for your comment. I am sure you can give it a try at home. You can find fermented drinks in a lot of health food stores these days or online. Kombucha tends to be more popular and comes in a lot of different flavours. Where do you live?

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