Radiation..What are you doing?

Over the last couple of weeks I have been reading a lot of articles relating to radioactive material leaking from Fukushima plant and thinking about what I should add to my daily routine. Around the same time that the leak started in Japan there was also a leak in Ontario Canada at the Pickering Plant. I live in Canada about an hour away from the leak. If you are interested in eating healthy food, now it a great time to start incorporating more super foods into your diet to help offset all of this toxic matter.

I have included a few articles from some of the top health experts in my opinion. I read most of these articles and then made a list of what I want to purchase and incorporate into my diet or just simply increase. For example the soup above has some dulse flake in it. I also love adding my things to my smoothies such as algae, bee pollen, camu camu and more. So this is the perfect place for me to incorporate some of their suggestion. If you want a more detailed protocol they provide it for you.

In the articles you will notice that there a lot of common recommendations such as adding kelp and other sea vegetables into your diet by supplement or as food. Boosting your immune system with vitamins and herbs. Some other points touched upon correcting our nutritional deficiencies and eating chelating herbs. I think there is some great information here on how to support and protect our bodies at this time. I am not in a panic by any means, but I do want to be aware of what I can do to support my body in the best way and that's why I looked to these experts on what to do.

A summary of some of the supplements that are mentioned in the articles are:
Vitamin C
Kelp and
Sea Vegetables
Vitamin/Mineral Supplements
Fulvic Acid
Medicinal Mushrooms
E3Live/Blue Green Algae

Natural News
Has up to date information on the current situation in Japan. Shares information on test they are doing in the US to see how much radioactive material has spread and is found in our food supply.

Body Ecology
Article talks about radioactive Iodine 131 and how it effects our bodies and why we need to make sure our iodine levels are not deficient.

Dr. Mercola
If you scroll down to the section on what to take there is a nice chart of herbs, vitamins and supplements that are listed.

David Wolfe
Amazingly detailed information on products that he recommends and what protocol to take. Very eye opening information on how radiation effects us and what to do to protect ourselves.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens
In depth look at radiation we face everyday and what to do in light of the situation in Japan.

This is my smoothie with an extra dose of blue green algae, vitamin c and bee pollen.

What are you doing to help your body deal with radioactive material? Love to hear if you are doing anything? Go ahead and post your link in the comments section sharing one of your kelp or seaweed recipe below for others to try. We might as well help each other out and swap some of the good stuff. I am sure you have lots.

Thanks to one of my fellow blogger's Kelli She has been posting some great recipes with kelp in them and information on radiation as well. Go take a peak.


  1. wow, thanks for compiling all of the places to research about the radiation-I have heard bits and pieces but have not taken the time to really figure out-I always take chlorella every day and I do dulse flakes A LOT!!! I use bee pollen daily, and lots of vitamin C.....Hopefully, that is enough....

  2. Thanks Rawkinmom. I am sure you have some great smoothies and recipes on your site that would help out too. Sounds like you are doing a lot already which is great.

  3. sasha, i'm so glad you brought this topic to light, in a non-panicky, well-written post.=) great info and links, and thanks for linking to me.=)

    i've been eating more kelp and nori for iodine... miso and ginger for my immune system. i've been out in the sun getting vitamin d. i could definitely cut down on the processed foods i've been eating (breads/pastas/fake meats) and up my intake of smoothies and juices. thanks for the information, and the inspiration!=)

  4. Thanks Kelli. You actually inspired me to get this post together. I have been researching and just needed to get it posted. Your kelp recipes kept reminding me that I needed to get it done:)

    I am glad you feel that this should be talked about. I love that you are adding in all those elements into your diet. Awesome.

  5. wow, going to have to read some of these articles! Thanks for sharing! I'm all about learning to ways to add health!

  6. Thanks Erin. Hope you can find some things to add into your diet. Check the first link for more Canadian news and what is happening here that they are not sharing.

  7. Wow, that was very informative Sasha, I have to check out some of those articles.

  8. Glad that you enjoyed this post Shamiah. Hope you add somethings to your routine:)

  9. Awesome info Sasha! Thanks for this post. We've been adding/increasing some of these things in our diet. And I'll tell ya, if you haven't made the mock tuna Kelli posted you totally should. It's so good!

  10. Hi Heidi, thank for the comments. I am so glad to hear that you are being proactive and adding a lot of these nutrients into your diet already. I have tried a version of Kelli's mock tuna. I didn't have all of the ingredients. However I can imagine with all the ingredients it will be amazing. I need to go shopping:)

  11. Great info! It's nice to meet you :)

    I'm doing many of the things you listed here---and follow suggestions of many of the experts you listed (I love Body Ecology!).

    Looking forward to reading more!

  12. Hey Sasha! Found your site through RFR. I'm now following and I subscribe to your email notifications. Love and light.

    Come visit me sometime at http://lovinglifesadventures.blogspot.com

  13. Thanks for visiting. Lots of great info in your post and a few new links for me. I already get David Wolfe's and Dr Mercola's newsletters and watch their many videos as there is always something new to be learnt.

  14. Welcome all.

    Lisa, I love that you are doing a few things already and I do really like B.E. as well.

    AngieLid and Jackie. Thanks for joining up. I love sharing all of this information and also learning from you too.

  15. How did I miss this? Thanks for letting me know about this post! Off to the health food store, I go!

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  17. Hi Lauren,

    Glad you found it. I just got an email from a local raw online store here in Canada and they have almost the exact same list. I have been slowly increasing a few of the things that I am taking and adding a couple of new things in.


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