April in the RAW & Cake Pop Challenge

I am not sure if you heard about the event April in the Raw. I think this is a great event to support raw food. It is always fun to get some new inspiration for the kitchen and share recipes with others. So thank-you Brittany at Real Sustenance for putting this on this event.

I have submitted my Chocolate Blyss Treats.

I also submitted my Wonderful Kale Smoothie Recipes.

So I know we are heading into the last few days of April......but go and check it out. You won't be disappointed.


Well this has been fun, truly I have been in the kitchen a lot trying to figure these little guys out. To be honest I have not eaten very many cake pops in my life time. Certainly not raw pop cakes. So when I saw that Nicoleand Lisa created a cake pop challenge I thought that I would try it.

Wow I am on a learning curve to say the least. It was fun and I have learned a lot and have a lot more to learn. My husband and my daughter have tried what seems like a zillion recipes. My daughter was helping me in the kitchen a lot. This evening she woke up from her sleep and was talking about rolling the cake pops.( I kid you not)

I just kept trying new ones and my main thing was not to look at any recipes. I wanted it to be from scratch. Here are a few that I made.

macadamia nut pops
cashew nut pops
carrot pops
and more......

They are not perfect by any means but yummy and definitely healthy.

The first one is a CACAO RASPBERRY CAKE POP!

The Cake:

1/2 cup raw cashews (not soaked)
1 tbs cacao nibs
20 ml golden flax seed (previously was soaked in 15-20ml of water)
2tsp raw cacao powder
2tsp flax powder
1/4 cup raspberries(frozen)
10 ml vanilla powder
7 drops stevia

(optional to add one tsp of agave)
Blend in food processor. Until mixture starts to create a ball. Roll into individual balls and put sticks into balls and keep in fridge.

Icing # 1: Hard Chocolate Coating

125ml of melted cacao butter
pinch of salt
2 tbs agave
3 tbs strained raspberry puree
2 tbs coconut oil

Mix all ingredients into melted cacao butter. As it cools dip cake pop into mixture and refrigerate. If you want a darker colour add more raspberry puree.

Option# 2: Soft Raspberry Icing

1 cup cashews
1/2 cup frozen raspberries
20 mls fresh lemon juice
3 tsp coconut oil
3 tsp agave
2 tsp water

Blend in food processor. Put icing on cake pop with knife and then add cacao nibs for decoration. Stick back in fridge or freezer until ready to eat.

This fun fluffy icing is my favourite of the 2.


Carrot Cake POP

Carrot Cake

1/3 cup shredded carrots
5 ml vanilla powder
10 mls cinnamon
1ml shredded ginger
pinch of salt
2/3 cup raw cashews
1 tsp agave

Blend all ingredients in food processor. Roll into balls and place sticks into each ball.

Carrot Icing

2/3 cup cashews
4 dates (pitted)
20ml pre soaked flax seed ( soak flax seed in 20-30 ml water)
1/2 cup fresh carrot juice
5ml cinnamon
2 tbs agave

Blend in food processor and cool in fridge.

Take carrot pops and dip into icing. Sprinkle with cinnamon. Put in fridge or freezer for icing to harden.

Enjoy. Have a little fun in your life...try making a cake pop!


  1. I love your Chocolate Blyss Treats..I am making mine very similar, thanks so much for sharing it looks just awesome!!!!

  2. Thanks so much Sandra. These are my families top treats. They vanish within a couple of days if I don't keep a family rule on them:) I do like to play around and make them different each time.

  3. That's great you participated - your truffles look d-lish! Oh and carrot cake pops look snarfalicious too - I'll take two. :)

  4. Thank you for participating in the Raw Cake Pop Challenge! I'm so glad you and your daughter had so much fun creating these. I love your creativity with the flavours!

  5. What fun flavors! I'm very tempted by the carrot version, for sure.

  6. Cake pops! Love that idea :)

  7. Hi Nicole

    Thanks for your comments. We really did have a fun time doing the challenge. It is a fun way to motivate me out of my comfort zone in the kitchen. Thanks for putting it on the challenge.

    Thanks Lisa. Cake pops are fun, fun, fun and these are healthy too.

  8. themommybowl.com

    Yes the carrot was one I liked. My hubby was more into the cacao. For me it was a harder challenge than I thought. I love your cake pops!

  9. Sasha, I saw your post over at Nicole's blog for the Raw Cake Pop Challenge. I am so glad to find your blog and excited to try your recipes!

  10. Hi Tressa,

    So glad to connect with you. I love meeting other's and sharing ideas. Love your creativity.

  11. Great job on the cake pops. I'd love to try the carrot cake one especially. I've been in a carrot-y mood.

  12. Thanks bitt,

    I haven't had carrot cake for a while, so I was craving it. They were a little messy. But just what I needed.

  13. Yummy! I don't know how I missed this challenge. Good luck :-)

  14. I've never had - or even seen in real life - a cake pop in my life, but these look and sound wonderful. Gotta love the pink icing! I'll have to try these soon.

  15. Welcome M.

    Thanks for your comment. I had not had too many cake pops before this. This was a fun, learning experience for me. I am so going to try to make some more in the future. Yes, I don't think you can go wrong with pink icing.


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