Raw food in a HURRY

A lot of the time I make some of my raw food dishes at night and do my blog posting at night when the children are a sleep. I should have called this blog the "Midnight Foodie", or something like that. It has been a bit hectic this week. We were out all day for medical appointments for my son Wysdom. For those of you that may not know I started blogging about my son almost two years ago. I loved blogging so much that I then started this blog to talk about my raw food and health journey.

This week I have made quite a few new things. To be honest when I am in the kitchen I just throw together whatever I have. I have a lot of raw food books, but I often don't get the time to look through them. So I just wing it a bit. For the most part things go pretty well.

This week it has been really simple though.

A simple salad with marinated corn.


avocado sliced
corn (marinated in cumin, coconut vinegar, splash of olive oil,salt, pepper and sweetener if needed)

I had planned to do more with the corn, but time did not allow it. The corn had at least 1 tbs cumin and I was pleasantly surprised how yummy it tasted. I left it sit in the marinade for a while and the cumin flavour was nice and strong and made the salad work.

Next I made a broccoli & carrot dish with a nut sauce. This turned out to be so yummy.

I added scallion, some cilantro, ginger, garlic,salt and a touch of tamari. The ginger made it work really well. Put all together and mix. I think the key is to let the broccoli to sit in the sauce for a bit and soften.

My husband who HATES broccoli and never eats it. Ate this dish and asked for more!! Loving it. He may soon be a raw foodie too.

Lastly I also made some dried apples with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yum.

I also got an order that I placed last week and in it are some of the things that I talked about in regards to radiation protection. I am really interested in the the bag of Chaga Mushroom, but I haven't been able to try it out yet.

Love to hear what things you make when you are really REALLY pinched for time or on the road all day?


  1. Hey Sasha - everything looks awesome. Ha, I love the midnight foodie comment. Me too sister by the time I get to blog most people are sleeping. I love the look of the carrot and broccoli salad - very yummy! We might see you this weekend!

  2. Great dishes! Similar to you, I have the tendency to blog at night and prep some meals (usually the more-involved things I'm dehydrating) at night after my son's in bed. I've got some apples I need to dehydrate...

  3. Wow, delicious! I will have to make that when corn is in season here!

  4. It is good to see that I am not the only midnight blogger or the only one who makes meals at night.

    Erin, yes that would be great if we saw you. I do have the recipe for the carrot and broccoli salad. I just have not had the time to post it.

    Dehydrating a night is a great idea, so that it can be ready in the morning, or ready to flip.

    Thanks Lauren for your comment. Yes the corn and cumin is one of my new type of salsa.

  5. Great food! I often look at my raw recipe books longingly...knowing I don't have the time to buy all the obscure ingredients and then craft the complicated recipes! I love the simple yummy raw foods!

    I eat a lot of avocado pudding, all different flavors with extracts and stevia (and cacao sometimes!). I also eat a lot of simple salads...nothing too exciting here :)

  6. i love your simple eats! very inspiring!

  7. Hi Lisa,
    I too am in the same boat. I browse through my books and then depending on what I have I adapt it to fit my timeline and ingredients. The pudding sounds great. I will have to try it. Thanks:)

    Thanks for the comment. Glad you like them!

  8. I too never have time to search out recipes and end up throwing things together when I am already hungry!!!
    Let me know about chaga...I have been searching in the woods of Michigan for one of those and haven't been successful!!!!

  9. Rawkinmom, I haven't gone foraging yet for any mushrooms. That would be so much fun to find one. I will let you know about the chaga.


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