It is giveaway time again. I am excited to announce that the 2nd giveaway here on Blyssful Health is a copy of this amazing documentary FOODMATTERS.

This documentary cuts through the mass of information out there today on Nutrition and Natural Healing and presents it all in an easy to understand format leaving you ready to take steps to improve the quality of your health and life today. It is packed with leading edge nutritionist and health experts. If you are wondering why so many people are sick and how you can change your own eating and health, then watch this documentary. It is very eye opening.

You can check out the trailer at the bottom of my blog.


1. The contest will only be open to Canadian and U.S. Residents.


First answer the mandatory question?

"If you could ask a raw food/health food expert one question about your health or eating raw. What would your question be?"


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Contest ends Friday April 29th at 4:00pm

Good luck!!!!
I will not make comments until after the contest as I will be using random org for the draw and I don't want to have my comments impact the draw.

Just wanted to say thank you to FOODMATTERS for sending me this DVD for our contest.


  1. great giveaway! my question is how can i test to see if i am getting enough b12 and iron without getting bloodwork done at a conventional doctor's office?

  2. I LOVE this documentary. It's funny...I was just thinking of buying it because I want to show it to my nutrition class!

    My question to an expert would be (and I'd probably want to ask David Wolfe!)...If I had to choose three superfoods to keep stocked in my kitchen at all times, what should they be?

    I sent a request to join your facebook group!

  3. I'm adding you to my blogroll :)

  4. My questions would be: What are the best websites/resources out there that offer menu-planning ideas for eating raw? I followed on Google Friend connect!

  5. OMG! I want this SO desperately! My mom has cancer and my Dad is in desperate need of convincing that she HAS to change her diet!! Praying I win!!

    This is a hard question to think of because I've done ALOT of research in this area and I am a dietitian...but someone following a raw food diet, I would want to know what the hardest part is!

    I already follow you on facebook!

  6. I mentioned this contest on my fan page (the healthy apron)

  7. Hey Sasha! Cool contest! My question is, having recently (one month last friday) switched over to a raw diet how can I make sure that I'm getting enough proteins, B12, Iron, and Calcium? I am eating super well and feeling great, but I'm not sure if I'm just flowing on the Maca powder and E3 Live, or if I'm actually getting a balanced diet, and my nutritionist strongly recommended that I start popping one a day supplements, vitamin pills and protein powder, but I'm weary of resorting that :)

    Oh, I posted the link to this page on facebook and I'm already following the blog, and befriended on facebook :)


  8. What are the two best things I can eat/ take to lower my cholesterol? I joined Google Friend Connect.

  9. I love this documentary, I think I have watched it a total of 10 times, I actually find myself quoting the documentary many times. This is one of the best documentaries I have ever watched!

    My question is what do you do when you hit a plateau in eating raw? You feel amazing at the beginning after you detox and then over time, you still feel great, but you hit a plateau?

    You are on my blog roll, I am part of the facebook group!

  10. I have seen Food Inc. but not this it similar?? Watching Food Inc. really got my husband on board with healthier eating.

    My question would be How do you go about family gatherings and parties, etc. Are you family members offended that you don't eat what they prepare??

    You are on my blogroll!!! :)
    And I am heading over to tweet right now!!! :)
    and I am pretty sure I am on your facebook group....

  11. Thanks everyone for entering the contest. I loved your comments. The winner will be announced soon.

  12. I haven't heard of this DVD. I would love to have it!

    I would ask "How can I ensure I get enough protein on a raw diet?". I also "liked" Blyssful Health on FB. :)


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