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I was first introduced to raw food 3 years ago. I have been dabbling in it off and on. Sometimes I have eaten entirely one raw meal a day. Then a full day raw here and there. Then a couple of days raw at a time. In the spring I had my longest stint of being straight 100% raw and that was for 40 days. It was totally spur of the moment and I just felt like it was time. I feel that now is the time to get back into raw food and try to keep it in my life for good.

Over the years I have have gathered a collection of a few raw books. Maybe about 10 or so. So I am going to share some of my books and favorite ingredients, so that you can get started and enjoy trying raw food. DON'T WORRY if this sounds all foreign to you. I will also back track and explain the health benefits of raw food and some of the equipment used to make it in the upcoming weeks for those of you that are new to raw food.

I do have few favorites books. Today I am making 2 recipes from one of my the raw books that I frequent quite often. It has great pictures and I find the food easy to make any yummy. It is called RAWvolution by Matt Amsden. I haven't tried all of the recipes, but quite a few and I have never been disappointed.

As we speak I have a batch of onion bread dehydrating.

First processing the onions

Then mixing the bread and getting ready to dehydrate it. Trust me this may not look appealing to some but it is so yummy. Even if you don't dehydrate it you can eat it just like this.

Then onto some some Cauliflower Couscous that I made this morning. Again using the handy dandy food processor for the cauliflower.

Add some chopped up herbs(cilantro and parsley)

Add the last few ingredients and voila. I may use this in a salad or in a wrap.

I can't show you the finished bread as it has to dehydrate for 24 hours. Long I know..but so worth it. I post the finished product if it doesn't get eaten up to quickly:)

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