Reflection on Stress and Eating Well

Today and last night I ate this nutrient packed arugula salad. Arugula is a great addition to your shopping cart. It is part of the mustard family. It is a source of sulfur which is great for your hair, nails and skin and it also contains several vitamins and is a source of Vitamin C.It tastes slightly peppery and is great in salads and juices.

Today I am reflecting on stress and how it influences my eating. Yesterday was a hard day for me and here is the quick lowdown on why I was feeling so overwhelmed.

1 semi sick daughter home from school
1 very sick son(with special needs so the illness was an urgent matter)
1 sick husband
1 food processor lid melted and stuck to the stove top
1 batch of sunflower cheese sitting in the processor waiting...
3 hours of sleep last night
1 trip to on call clinic at 7:30pm
1 trip to the pharmacy

Hence I was feeling stressed and when I feel stressed I want to grab things that are quick, pre-made and satisfy my hunger and cravings. And let me tell you the cravings were for things that are not healthy. Since I was so busy yesterday I ended up skipping a couple of meals and low and behold I was starving and tired and ready to jump off my health eating. However I am happy to say that my will power and Arugula won out.

So why am I telling you this story? Well because I think that a lot of us have some type of trigger, event, person or mood that might causes us to make less than ideal food choices and routines. However it is these quick choices that add up day after day, week after week, year after year and eventually create our overall health and vitality or lack of it. So yes it was a small choice...but I won.

For this easy salad add the following ingredients:

Organic mixed greens
Sunflowers soaked overnight with a little garlic and tamari
Arugula chopped
Nutritional Yeast

Make a quick dressing by mixing some apple cider, agave and olive together and that's it. I also added some chopped up Walnut Veggie Burger on top. I got the idea of the veggie burger on top from a fellow blogger.(Ginger is the New Pink)

I also added in two shots of wheat grass juice

And a Yoga magazine to look at for my down time.( Whenever that comes)

What makes you want to give into your cravings or eat poorly? What types of food do you eat under pressure? Do you have a system to deal with your challenges on the road to eating healthy? I would love to here about them.

Keep posted for some great giveaway contests coming soon.


  1. Good for you and your will power! That salad sounds yummy. Sorry about the stressful circumstances and I hope your family is feeling better soon.

  2. Sorry about all the stress! I hope everyone feels better soon! Thanks for the shout out! :)


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